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In early 2017 we began looking for jobs in the digitization sector. Frustratingly we found the search was not easy and often unfruitful. Jobs are scattered all over the web, on museum, university and government websites.

We aim to change that!

Digitizationjobs.com collects and compiles digitization jobs from all over the web and puts them in one easy to search website.

We understand digitization as the transformation of data into digital formats, the digitization of business processes, workflows and the growing awareness around the potential for data intelligence and machine learning.

We hope our website vastly improves your job search and helps you find work in this exciting and rapidly growing industry.

Our website is still very new, we’d love your feedback and suggestions. Please do use our feedback form or give us a tweet at @digitisationjob

A little about the founders


Involved in digitization projects since 2014, Francisco has worked with both government and private institutions, including Royal Holloway University, Life Magazine, the House of Lords, National Meteorological Library and Archive, Imperial War Museum, the National Portrait Gallery's Heinz Archive and Library and the Natural History Museum.


Programmer since 2001, rock climber since 2011, Dutch since 1989. Lucas met Francisco in 2017. After much discussion and beer - seeing that there was an opportunity to improve the job search process for those in the sector, Lucas agreed to help build the website. He now spends his time fixing bugs and adding features.